Dear readers!


We present a new, already the third issue of the Economic journal "Investment evaluation"!

In this issue we continue to acquaint readers with new methodological developments in the field of investment appraisal, evaluation of the rights and practical recommendations for practitioners to engage intellectual assets into economic circulation and management.

The journal traditionally conducted several sections.

In the third room will presents articles in three sections: "Intellectual property", "Practice evaluation" and "Attracting investment".

Under the heading "Intellectual property" traditionally raised practical and theoretical aspects of the problem of economic turnover of intellectual property. Our writers in the pages of this rooms acquaint the readers with the peculiarities of formation and functioning of the Institute of intellectual property in knowledge-intensive organizations – research institutes, design bureaus, scientific-production enterprises. Continues the series of publications devoted to the concept of goodwill, analysis of its nature and place in the economic activities of enterprises.

Topic "Practice assessment" will help to find practical answers to complex questions related to the assessment of property. In this issue we publish the teaching material associated with the peculiarities of determining the value of rights of claim of accounts receivable.

Topic "Attracting investment" is devoted to consideration of schemes and sources of financing investment and construction projects. The authors suggested that the publication of the results of the analysis of the regulatory regulatory framework of investments with attraction of co-investors, using credit instruments or public to raise funds.

We invite interested researchers to publish their materials on the pages of our magazine. As before, the journal is a platform for the exchange of scientific and practical experience in the field of economic studies and research at the intersection of science.

I express my gratitude to authors of journal, editorial Board, editorial staff for their hard work in creating the journal.

I wish all the readers and authors of creative achievements in scientific research!


sincerely yours,
chief editor
Economic scientific magazine

«Investment evaluation»
Candidate of Economic Sciences,
Lekarkina N.K